The staff of the Academy at a glance:


Chairperson: Metropolitan Andreas of Arkalohori, Kastelli and Viannos proedros

Vice Chairperson: Dr. Bournelis Apostolos, Professor bournelis a

Secretary of  Administrative Committee: Dr. Androulidaki Rodoula tel. +302810239123 androulidaki r

Secretary of the Academy: tel. +302810232193 secretary


Permanent Teaching Staff:

Bishop Makarios of Christoupolis, Lecturer TheofMakarios

Dr. Bournelis Apostolos, Professor

Dr. Stroumbakis Michalis, Assistant Professor

Dr. Arvanitis Christoforos, Assistant Professor

Rev. Bairachtaris Augustinos, Assistant Professor

Dr. Doundoulakis Emmanuel, Assistant Professor

Dr. Lilis Ioannis, Lecturer

Available Teaching Staff (Acad. Year 2015-2016):

Metropolitan Maximos of Selyvria

Secondary Deacon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Meimaris Theodoros

Archimandrite Dr. Vassilakis Nifon

Dr. Genaraki Amalia

Mr. Plaitis Antonios PlaitisA

Staff on Secondment for Teaching Work (Acad. Year 2015-2016):

Dr. Androulidaki Rodoula

Dr. Botonakis Antonios

Dr. Chalkiadakis Emmanuel

MSc. Simantiris George

Staff on Secondment for Special Teaching and Special Technical and Laboratory Work (Acad. Year 2015-2016):

Mr. Giakoumakis Andreas

Mr. Mazonakis Stavros